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Free Saeed!

Recently a special  day of prayer was called for Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen who has been imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith. He was arrested in September (2012) after he returned to Iran to visit his family … Continue reading

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Post-Christian Persecution

Researchers claim that citizens of western nations are living in a “post-Christian” period, where the teachings and values of the Christian faith no longer are dominant. This period of Christian decline coincides with a renewed Muslim militancy, where Islamic fundamentalists … Continue reading

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A Law for Religious Liberty

In a growing climate of intolerance against individuals and organizations who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act (H.R. 3133) was introduced recently in the U.S. House of Representatives … Continue reading

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Our Unwed-Mom Epidemic

I just saw an ad for a new television comedy this fall. Since it is to be about the “family,” I focused in. The daughter announced to her parents that she has a new boyfriend and, by the way, she … Continue reading

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Remembering the “Red Line”

President Obama told reporters at a White House press briefing one year ago that if Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons in their civil-war, it would be “a red line for us.” Now, US Secretary of State John Kerry says … Continue reading

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Immigration Reformation

The student government at UCLA recently resolved to ban the term “illegal immigrant” because they consider it as “racially derogatory language” which has led to “racial profiling practices, punitive policies targeting socially-marginalized groups, hate crimes and violence.” Whether you or I … Continue reading

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Christians in the Crosshairs

Christian persecution continues in the Middle East and wherever Muslim theology and law are allowed to dominate public life. Following Egypt’s “Arab Spring,” at least five dozen Christian churches have been burned, crosses torn down, and nuns humiliated by Islamic … Continue reading

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