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Splinters in the Planks of this Party’s Platform

It is doubtful even the current  Democrats in Congress will follow all of the liberal planks put down in their Party’s Platform, at their latest convention in Philadelphia. Some of the more “splintered” planks illustrate how radical the current Democrat … Continue reading

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Celebrating Our Emancipation!

Did you notice that the tax man came a little later this year? Instead of our income tax returns being due on April 15, we all received a three-day extension, until April 18. The reason seems to be there is … Continue reading

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What would Lincoln think?

The recent movie LINCOLN was highly acclaimed, in this year’s Oscar – considerations. Lead actor Daniel Day-Lewis’ method-acting seemed to actually make him to BE President Abraham Lincoln. This, undoubtedly, helped him win the “Best Actor” Oscar award. Part of … Continue reading

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