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Re-creating a Culture of Marriage in America

Same-sex advocates have said many traditional-marriage adherents have succumbed to sexual sins and broken vows and have no room to moralize to them. It’s true: divorce statistics, in general, are discouraging and we are told those among professing Christians are … Continue reading

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Muslims with Inquiring Minds and Harassed Souls

Recently my wife and I prayed with a woman during a prayer occasion, following a Sunday service at our church. She was distraught about an evil presence she felt, which frightened her often. We discovered that her husband is a devout Muslim … Continue reading

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Assumptions and Alternatives to Abortion

In light of the Liberal’s unholy fascination with infanticide and the current, radical pro-abortion stance (right up to the moment of actual birth) of the Democratic National Convention and its nominee for President of the United States of America, it … Continue reading

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Splinters in the Planks of this Party’s Platform

It is doubtful even the current  Democrats in Congress will follow all of the liberal planks put down in their Party’s Platform, at their latest convention in Philadelphia. Some of the more “splintered” planks illustrate how radical the current Democrat … Continue reading

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