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Three Important Factors in the Kavanaugh Kerfuffle

For the second time in three years, the Supreme Court of the United States started its annual term this week, with only eight judges. With Justice Kennedy’s resignation in June, the Trump Administration drew from its published list of qualified … Continue reading

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Jesus, the Holy Migrant

Our biblical world-view must include thinking through modern political issues, with scriptural insights regarding our nation’s complex immigration laws and policies. What can we learn and apply from the life and practice of Jesus, the Holy Migrant, regarding our country’s … Continue reading

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Israel’s Nation-State Law States the Obvious

Israel is the world’s only Jewish state and exists as a democracy in a sea of more than 50 Islamic dictatorships, Emirates, military and/or religious strongmen, and monarchies. While some Islamic nations claim to give freedoms and rights to their … Continue reading

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Remembering Freedom Isn’t Free

Memorial Day is an American holiday, which is observed on the last Monday of May as a day for remembering and honoring the courageous men and women who have died for the cause of freedom while serving in our military. Other countries have similar, solemn occasions, … Continue reading

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Pentecostal Worship for Today 

Today is Pentecost Sunday, according to a liturgical church-calendar. It reflects on the Jewish Feast of Pentecost, which occurred 50 days after the Passover-related events of our Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection. But, it is more than acknowledging an ancient … Continue reading

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“Seventeen” in our Culture of Death

Seventeen. That’s the number of students killed at Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School in Parkland, FL on Valentine’s Day, just a few weeks ago. It is also the number of counts of premeditated murder which a former student, Nikolas Cruz, … Continue reading

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What Happened on Saturday of Holy Week?

Here we are on Saturday of Holy Week, midway between commemorating Christ’s crucifixion and celebrating His resurrection. What happened between these monumental events? If Jesus’ body was in the tomb, where was his spirit/soul? In the Old Testament, the place … Continue reading

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