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The Elusive Pursuit of Peace

The Elusive Pursuit of Peace Earlier this week, we honored the memory and legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, the Christian pastor and non-violent civil rights leader, who was murdered in Memphis, TN five decades ago. Later this week, … Continue reading

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Repugnant Religious Testing for Public Office?

Were you as shocked as I was to recently watch Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee question judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s religion, as a modern litmus test for their approval or rejection? Not all “dogma” is religious, and their … Continue reading

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In Remembrance…

This morning I attended a public, community meeting in the complex where I live. I was pleased that after the reciting of the pledge of allegiance to the flag of our “…one nation, under God,…” we were asked to remain … Continue reading

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Are Natural Disasters Really “Acts of God”?

Insurance policies frequently have specific disclaimers for “acts of God,” like tornados and hurricanes.  Is that really the case? Are these natural disasters part of the wrath of a vengeful god? As Hurricane Harvey continues to dump millions of gallons … Continue reading

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Coarse and Crude Comments

The chicken or the egg?  Which came first? Similarly, one might ask if our culture produces the coarse and crude comments heard by today’s undisciplined, political candidates? Or, do the candidates themselves foster this kind of banal and base behavior … Continue reading

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Standing for Life and Against Infanticide

Today there were “peaceful protests and prayer vigils at 40+ locations in California” to oppose taxpayer dollars going to enrich Planned Parenthood so they can continue their killing of baby humans. These non-violent advocates for the sanctity of human life reminded us … Continue reading

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Pray for Safety and Spiritual Significance at the Inaugural Ceremonies!

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will swear in Vice President-elect Mike Pence, at this week’s Inaugural ceremony, when he takes the oath of office on Friday. Justice Thomas was recently snubbed by ethnic elitists and denied a place in the new … Continue reading

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