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Journalists and Jews

Following the recent massacre of French journalists and Jews, all of Europe is on the alert. Focus is on Islamic jihadists returning from fighting with ISIS and others, among Europe’s estimated 2,500 to 5,000 radicalized Muslim extremists. The truth is, … Continue reading

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Flogging for Blogging

A blogger in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced with prison and 1,000 lashes! Raif Badawi, was convicted of publishing a blog, which he envisaged as a forum for political and social debate. He had been scheduled to receive 50 lashes … Continue reading

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A National Nightmare

What happens in our country’s abortion clinics is a national nightmare! Unborn babies, some just days or weeks from natural birth, are barbarically killed and dismembered in the womb by painful and violent ways. The “compassionate” Left would prefer you … Continue reading

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Fight Illegal Pornography

Did you know? Porn glamorizes and legitimizes violence against women? It is addictive and harms children and teens, as well as adult men and women. Its lewdness and crudeness corrodes and contributes to the corruption of our society. Existing Federal … Continue reading

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