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Jesus and Homosexuality

During the recent Duck Dynasty flap, Piers Morgan, CNN’s bombastic broadcaster from Britain, challenged Christian author and radio host Dr. Michael Brown to cite just one instance in Scripture where Jesus condemned homosexual practice. Dr. Brown, a Messianic believer and … Continue reading

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Ducking the Dynasty Disaster

Debate flared quickly over Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s interview for GQ magazine. Sharing his personal views, he paraphrased the sexual sins from Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 6, where the Apostle Paul labeled homosexual behavior to be sin and warns … Continue reading

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Marriage Matters

In recent weeks and months, state governments, courts, and human rights commissions have tried to take away the safety and livelihood of U.S. citizens, whose only crime is trying to exercise their religious beliefs and First Amendment rights, relative to … Continue reading

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Abortion and Breast Cancer Link

The latest analysis of extensive studies in China shows even one abortion drastically increases breast cancer risk by 44%. The study, published December 2nd in an international cancer journal, Cancer Causes and Control, shows that added induced abortions actually multiply … Continue reading

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Truth or Consequences?

Congress will soon have to, again, discuss and debate, the federal budget and debt ceiling—national crises which they “kicked down the road,” instead of solving in September. The truth is, these economic issues can not be solved without new attitudes … Continue reading

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Religious Freedoms in the Military

Like their civilian counterparts, the religious faith of members of our Armed Forces cannot and should not be confined to a belief that is maintained only within one’s head, home, or place of worship. Yet, reports continue to surface of … Continue reading

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