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“Why Jesus Could Return by A.D. 2000”

I recently was scanning the spines of some of my books dealing with eschatology, the study of the end times or the last days. I happened on a 1997 book titled THE END, by Ed Dobson. I didn’t remember I … Continue reading

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God Bless America!

It is the 4th of July and the stars and stripes of “Old Glory” are flying in festive parades and front porches across the United States America, as we celebrate our 241st Independence Day. My flag is flying between bright … Continue reading

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50 Years Later and Still Confronting Islamic Terrorists

According to The Times of Israel, President Donald Trump’s traveling goodwill mission to the Middle East arrived in Israel just in time for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Israel’s remarkable victory in the 1967 Six-Day War. That dramatic … Continue reading

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