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How to be Profanity Free

Last week, President Trump visited the U.S. Capitol for a meeting with Republican members of the House of Representatives. Videotape captured the sound of a female Congressional intern yelling, “Mr. President, f*** you” from across the other side of the rotunda, as Mr.Trump was walking … Continue reading

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The Bible and This Immigration Controversy

Immigration and border security seem destined to be the “hot buttons” of this year’s mid-term elections. Not only has Congress failed to solve the “Dreamers” issues, for illegal immigrants brought to this country by their parents when they were children, … Continue reading

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Prayer Alert Update:

More Murderous Mayhem Planned for Israel Drones, operated by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), have managed to bring down more than 400 flaming kites launched from Gaza, while firefighters are working to gain control of nearly 200 blazes burning some … Continue reading

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Arsonists Attack Israel from the Air

Israel has been under unique assault from Hamas, the ruling terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, for more than two months. The current turmoil is part of the pre-planned and carefully orchestrated “Great Return March” protests at the Gaza-Israeli border. … Continue reading

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