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Trump’s Immigration Histrionics and History

 Donald J. Trump announced his Presidential bid in mid-June, from the lobby of his Trump Towers in New York City, with typical Trump-histrionics. He quickly sparked anger among Mexicans and Latinos over his critical comments about Mexico sending “people bringing drugs, … Continue reading

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Censorship of Churches?

 Our country has a rich and valued history of respecting the unique contribution religion makes to the moral culture of a people. Until the mid 1950s, Americans turned to churches and other houses of worship during the debate of the … Continue reading

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TRUMP: a holy trumpet or a holy terror?

A prophetically-focused minister in Florida, Jeremiah Johnson, has said God told him “Trump shall become My trumpet to the American people, for he possesses qualities that are even hard to find in My people these days.” Perhaps. God and time will affirm … Continue reading

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Passing the Faith through the Faithful

The shrinking birthrates among America’s Christian “faithful” are adding to the secularization of our nation and its’ growing “culture divide.” We are left with a declining workforce, along with a declining evangelism and a declining Christian worldview. The Bible offers … Continue reading

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