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Christians Chased from the Public Square?

Faced with anti-religious Supreme Court rulings, harassment from aggressive same-sex activists and head-snapping flip-flops from politicians, how are Christians to respond in the public square? Do we do as the opposition demands and retreat to rehearsing our values and views … Continue reading

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Debate This!

The executions, persecution and uprooting of ancient religious communities in the Middle East are on-going human rights tragedies, which our world leaders have largely ignored. Christian churches and sites of historic and religious antiquity in the Middle East have a … Continue reading

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This, too, is pro-life!

Have you heard of the recent rape and murder of Marilyn Pharis? Marilyn was a 64-year old Air Force vet who was brutally raped in her own home in Santa Barbara County, beaten with a hammer and murdered by an … Continue reading

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Problems with Sexual Promiscuity

The Bible says God will judge sexually active singles and sexually unfaithful marrieds (Hebrews 13:4). It is not because He is a celestial killjoy. God invented sex! Rather, He wants to protect us from the harm sexual promiscuity will do … Continue reading

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Let You Light Shine!

Hollywood is both a famous and infamous district of Los Angeles. The familiar HOLLYWOOD sign, left over from a real estate development promotion in the 1920s, can be seen for miles from the hills above Hollywood, itself. For some, it … Continue reading

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