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Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Just over 200 years ago, in his 1815 Thanksgiving Day proclamation, President James Madison stated: “No people ought to feel greater obligations to celebrate the goodness of the Great Disposer of Events of the destiny of Nations than the people … Continue reading

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The Quest to Know the Name of the Antichrist 

The term “Antichrist” has come to be associated with the end-times and the Book of Revelation, by believers and non-believers alike. But, in reality, the term is not found anywhere in “the Revelation of Jesus Christ” at all. Rather, the … Continue reading

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Revelation’s Blasphemous Beast and its Life-like Image

During the first half of the biblically-prophesied future-tribulation period, about which Daniel, Jesus, and Paul taught, there will be a forced mass-conversion to cause many worldwide to worship an image of a rising world leader. This unusual and unique idol … Continue reading

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How to be Profanity Free

Last week, President Trump visited the U.S. Capitol for a meeting with Republican members of the House of Representatives. Videotape captured the sound of a female Congressional intern yelling, “Mr. President, f*** you” from across the other side of the rotunda, as Mr.Trump was walking … Continue reading

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The Bible and This Immigration Controversy

Immigration and border security seem destined to be the “hot buttons” of this year’s mid-term elections. Not only has Congress failed to solve the “Dreamers” issues, for illegal immigrants brought to this country by their parents when they were children, … Continue reading

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The Lord Has Done Great Things!

The nation was deeply moved when the three Korean Americans who had been detained in North Korea walked off the U.S. military plane early Thursday morning at Joint Andrews Air Force Base, near Washington D.C. Kim Hak Soon and Kim … Continue reading

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Here’s An Unusual Consideration for Holy Week

Today is the Thursday of Passion Week. The next three days call us to remember Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection from the dead. This day before Good Friday is known among liturgical churches as Maundy Thursday and commemorates our Lord’s … Continue reading

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