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Legal Voting ONLY!

Do non-citizens and illegal aliens vote in U.S. elections? Based off voter samples from Harvard’s Cooperative Congressional Election Study, the answer is YES! The Harvard study found that in 2008, as many as 6.4% of all non-citizens cast ballots in the … Continue reading

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Defend Dignity

From the sexual abuse of children and teens to the exploitation of women, almost all forms of sexual indignities are connected to pornography. Porn harms individuals, families, marriages and our society. It stimulates private indignities and desensitizes our culture to … Continue reading

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Be Forever Vigilant!

This week, in Houston, Texas, attorneys for the avowed lesbian Mayor Annise Parker have issued an unprecedented legal demand that several key pastors turn over sermons, emails, and text messages, even communications with members of their congregations, under the threat … Continue reading

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Register & VOTE!

Every Christian should vote! It’s our civic responsibility and it honors God, who allows us to live in this great constitutional republic! Every believer should be registered and then faithfully vote for candidates and issues which reflect their biblical values … Continue reading

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Jerusalem, D.C.

I once attended an event where an Israeli official rose to speak and said he brought greetings from Jerusalem, D.C.—“David’s City.” Everyone recognized the irony and truthfulness of what he said. However, our U.S. government continues the illogical, politically-correct position … Continue reading

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Truth or Con$equence$

Truth or Con$equence$:  Is this  (1) the name of a very old, black and white, television program; (2) the name of a small town in New Mexico;  or (3) the debate sides for a discussion on sexually transmitted diseases? Answer, … Continue reading

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Bring Your Bible to School Day

Did you know that students have recently been ordered to stop reading their Bibles during free time at school? Focus on the Family is sponsoring a new religious-freedom event, designed to help empower Christian students to be unashamed of their … Continue reading

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