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Impudent Public Policies

It seems some politicians are preparing to perpetuate impudent public policies, in the upcoming “mid-term elections.”. While political conservatives continue to champion small government, along with personal responsibilities and liberties, libertarians may carry the conservatives’ concerns to extremes, rendering personal … Continue reading

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Preserving Public Prayer In America

Asking God’s blessing on public meetings is a cherished tradition in American that is now in jeopardy. This long-standing practice is being challenged by two citizens from Greece, New York, who claim to be “offended” by voluntary prayers given to open their city’s … Continue reading

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“Sex Sells”

British singer Charlotte Church says young female pop stars are pressured by industry bosses to wear inappropriate clothes and “coerced into sexually demonstrative behavior, in order to hold on to their careers.” One immediately thinks of the bizarre and sexually-provocative … Continue reading

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Excuses and Excesses

Pastor James MacDonald says “Every social evil is significantly amplified by alcohol.” Think about it: Drug abuse Family abuse Perverted sexuality Murder All these negative social tragedies are amplified by the use of alcohol! The Bible declares drunkenness is not … Continue reading

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Forgive Us Our Debts!

The time to check the cash in your wallet is before you sit down to eat in your favorite restaurant, not when the waiter brings you the bill! Once again, if Congress doesn’t approve raising the nation’s debt ceiling, there … Continue reading

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Get Help and “Get a Grip!”

(AP/ KABC-TV) Five young people were killed on a recent Friday night, as their car spun out, crashed and burst into flames in Burbank, California. The trapped victims inside were reportedly “burned beyond recognition.” Paramedics said the one surviving passenger … Continue reading

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Pray for Jerusalem’s Peace

Millions of believers, from many church traditions around the world, join together on the first Sunday of every October for the “Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.” They pray for God’s promise of peace to be realized for … Continue reading

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