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Holy Heterosexuals Wanted!

It is in society’s best interest to encourage heterosexual marriages! Any society that wants to survive must have children. It takes a heterosexual couple to make a child and children thrive best when living with both of their biological parents. … Continue reading

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Ethical Decisions

I used to think of ethics as something which related to sexual standards. Congressional Ethics Committees seemed to suggest that if it was an ethical problem, it had to do with sex. But that was only part of the issue. … Continue reading

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Freed Palestinians Want to Kill Again!

In exchange for Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped Israeli soldier, Israel freed over 1,000 jailed Palestinian terrorists. Instead of using their new freedom to focus on good and peaceful purposes, many are already declaring their intentions to try to kill Jews … Continue reading

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Alarming Anti-Semitic Protesters

Throughout history, poor economic conditions have formed the backdrop of hateful anti-Semitism. Whether it was the 13th century expulsion of Jews from England or the 19th century Russian pogroms or the Nazi Holocaust, insidious anti-Semitic hate speech always preceded hateful, … Continue reading

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Immigration Solutions

In the current immigration debates, rather than rally around what we are against, Biblical believers must gather around a Cross that is both vertical and horizontal:  It looks up to heaven and out to our fellow man. Bible-believing Americans should … Continue reading

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Stop Abortion Subsidy

Congress currently uses our taxes to fund Planned Parenthood to the tune of 1 Million Dollars a day! Now there is a new effort in Congress to prohibit this subsidy of abortion in America. Congressmen Joe Pitts and Dan Lipinski … Continue reading

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Viewpoint Censorship

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) has recently studied the practices and policies of seven social media companies and internet service providers to determine the risk of religious viewpoint censorship. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, once compared the internet-based communications … Continue reading

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