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The Peace Process

Secretary of State John Kerry has returned to Israel for the fifth time, trying to restart the peace process with Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Western diplomats see little traction for his efforts, since the PA still wants to “negotiate … Continue reading

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Freedom is not Free

Members of the House of Representatives recently participated in a bi-partisan series of speeches to highlight the importance of conscience protections and the devastating impact of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate on religious freedom. You can … Continue reading

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Liberals and Late-Term Abortions

It is not hard to understand why 228 members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to protect unborn children, who are scientifically capable of feeling the agonizing pain of late-term abortion procedures. The “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” prohibits … Continue reading

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Late-Term Abortions

The House Judiciary Committee recently passed a bill to protect unborn infants who are considered capable of feeling pain and are viewed as potentially “viable” outside the womb. Some observers noted that in modern, neonatal intensive-care units, viability is considered … Continue reading

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Sexual Assaults In the Military

The Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating an alarming Pentagon survey which revealed over 26,000 sexual assaults in our military ranks last year! Although, almost a quarter of female troops in combat zones reported being victims of sexual assaults, most … Continue reading

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Preach the Word, not Politics

This month the Supreme Court is scheduled to announce its decision on two cases that will potentially have the effect of wiping out the understanding and definition of marriage that has stood for all of human history. Before we hear … Continue reading

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Hey, Buddy–Got a light?

We are told that 52 percent of Californians polled say marijuana should be made legal, while 45 percent disagree. Pot opponents point to the medical risks, increased crime and urban blight. Proponents see the costs of enforcement and our overloaded … Continue reading

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