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Spring has Sprung!

Twice each year the Sun shines directly on the Earth’s equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal. This “equinox” occurs in March when the Sun begins to shine over our planet from south to north. When … Continue reading

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Iran’s Obsession with the Jews and Israel

    Every week in Iran and many other Muslim-majority entities–after the religion’s “Friday Prayers–Islamic imams vigorously denounce the United States of America to be “Big Satan” and Israel as “Little Satan.” Then, their congregants spill into the streets shouting … Continue reading

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The Advent Visit

The four Sundays before Christmas are known in the Christian tradition as Advent. The word itself means “coming” or “arrival,” as in “for a visit”. During the Christmas-time season of Advent, we prepare to again observe God’s “coming” or “visit” … Continue reading

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Remembering “The Great War”

Today (November 11) marks the 100th anniversary of the end of fighting in World War 1, sometimes known as “The Great War” or “The War to End All Wars.” Sadly, they were wrong. It was great in the sense of … Continue reading

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Jesus is Coming Again!

In Matthew 24, Jesus was with his closest disciples on the Mount of Olives, across the small Kidron Valley, to the east of the Temple and the old city of Jerusalem. The disciples took advantage of this private “face time” … Continue reading

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Six Lessons from End-Times Apostasy

The Roman Catholic Church is going through another season of sexual scandals, appalling cover-ups, and indefensible hypocrisy. More than last month’s salacious Grand Jury report in Pennsylvania, revealing 300 clergy and church officials in 1,000 child-abuse cases, this scandal may … Continue reading

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The Quest to Know the Name of the Antichrist 

The term “Antichrist” has come to be associated with the end-times and the Book of Revelation, by believers and non-believers alike. But, in reality, the term is not found anywhere in “the Revelation of Jesus Christ” at all. Rather, the … Continue reading

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