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Revelation’s Blasphemous Beast and its Life-like Image

During the first half of the biblically-prophesied future-tribulation period, about which Daniel, Jesus, and Paul taught, there will be a forced mass-conversion to cause many worldwide to worship an image of a rising world leader. This unusual and unique idol … Continue reading

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Will Muslim Palestinians ever agree to peace with Israel?

Last week, Israel’s Knesset passed another controversial “Basic Law,” enshrining Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and Jerusalem as its “eternal capital.” This is in concurrence with historical foundations and legal declarations by the British and then the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Christ at Christmas

I’m sitting here in my small home-office on this “Night Before Christmas” and thinking about the wonderful service we attended this morning at our church. The beautiful carols and moving worship-songs all blended into a sweet setting for our pastor … Continue reading

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The Visit

Today was observed, by most Christians, as the first Sunday of this Advent Season. Advent means “coming” or “visit”.  During the Christmas-time season of Advent, we prepare to again observe God’s “coming” or “visit” to earth and to our lives … Continue reading

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How soon is “soon”?

Three times in the closing chapter of the prophetic book of Revelation, the Apostle John wrote the words of Jesus Christ, “I am coming soon” (Rev. 22:7, 12, 20). Some denominational and para-church ministry statements of faith refer to this … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for the “Rapture” on Saturday?

Yesterday, I was in the lobby of a public building, which had a large-screen TV on the wall,  providing general interest and serving as background noise. All of a sudden I caught a “talking head” say that some Christians are … Continue reading

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Are Natural Disasters Really “Acts of God”?

Insurance policies frequently have specific disclaimers for “acts of God,” like tornados and hurricanes.  Is that really the case? Are these natural disasters part of the wrath of a vengeful god? As Hurricane Harvey continues to dump millions of gallons … Continue reading

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