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Married to a Non-Believer?

The Apostle Paul taught that believers should only marry other believers, so they will share the same spiritual life, love and loyalties. Christian marriages are to reflect God’s unfailing love and covenant commitment for a lifetime, while demonstrating understanding, forgiveness … Continue reading

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Our Entitlement Problems

One former presidential candidate described the major entitlement programs of Social Security and Medicare as “Ponzi schemes.” That’s because they only work if the number of new people entering the system increases proportionately to the number of people entitled to … Continue reading

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A Wall of Separation?

Throughout the Middle East, religiously significant sites are often disputed and occasionally disrespected, by radical elements of the major religions in the areas. Now, the Garden Tomb, just north of the Old City walls, is the center of a dispute … Continue reading

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The “New Norm” Is Not

Some critics claim Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy is homophobic because he believes in and supports traditional marriage. He had related in a radio interview that it is arrogant for any human being to attempt to tell God to redefine marriage. … Continue reading

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Vote Your Values!

According to Bill Bright, the late founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, a Christian has Five Duties: Pray Register to Vote Become informed Help Elect Godly People Vote Voter Impact Toolkit To help you cast an informed vote, we … Continue reading

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