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Let’s Speak Up for MARRIAGE!

People need to be more vocal about the virtues of marriage.  Rather than letting young people think that marriage is something that can wait for the days when they’re ready to grow fat, boring and “settle down,” married believers need … Continue reading

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Got “Milk”?

Like most people, you may have never heard of Harvey Milk. But, President Obama recently unveiled the Harvey Milk postage stamp in a White House ceremony. So Mr. Milk must be important—and his life and practices worth emulating. Right? Perhaps … Continue reading

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Re-interpreting God’s Word?

Putting words in someone’s mouth is a distasteful practice. Yet, homosexual advocates do just that when they abandon the Biblical views of sexuality, marriage and family and try to construct a view of the Bible that accepts and supports their … Continue reading

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Creeping Sharia

Boko Haram is a radical Islamic terrorist group in Northern Nigeria, which models itself after Afganistan’s Taliban.  They both bitterly oppose non-Muslim “infidels” of the West, including their secular culture and education. Boko Haram recently kidnapped several hundred Nigerian schoolgirls, … Continue reading

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Income Inequality?

Some politicians are talking a lot about income inequality, while our Founders talked about equal opportunity. It is the breakdown of marriage and the absence of fathers that are the leading causes of income inequality. Married couples live longer, are … Continue reading

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KTLW programmer FOCUS ON THE FAMILY® believes the message of their new film, Irreplaceable, is so important that they have arranged to present a special ONE NIGHT screening of the film, in more than 700 movie theaters nationwide on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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