Impudent Public Policies

goverenment It seems some politicians are preparing to perpetuate impudent public policies, in the upcoming “mid-term elections.”.

While political conservatives continue to champion small government, along with personal responsibilities and liberties, libertarians may carry the conservatives’ concerns to extremes, rendering personal liberties void of values and virtues.

The Libertarian Party platform states “consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships.” These morals-free liberties will actually loose more sexual promiscuity, producing more unmarried parents whose personal practices require more police to answer more domestic violence calls, and more social workers to rescue more children from abusive environments.*

Such impudent public policies will continue harming our children and families, while increasing the size and cost of our government.

  • Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family Action, in Citizen Magazine, November 2013, p. 30.

About Along The Way with Gary Curtis

Gary Curtis served for 27 years, as part of the pastoral staff of The Church on The Way, the First Foursquare Church of Van Nuys, California. In October 2015, Gary retired from leadership of the church’s not-for-profit media outreach, Life On The Way Communications, Inc. He continues to blog at Gary and his wife, Alisa, live in southern California. They have two married daughters and five grandchildren.
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