Problems with Sexual Promiscuity

New Marrieds pixThe Bible says God will judge sexually active singles and sexually unfaithful marrieds (Hebrews 13:4).

It is not because He is a celestial killjoy. God invented sex! Rather, He wants to protect us from the harm sexual promiscuity will do to “consenting adults” and any offspring, which may result from unmarried sex.

Here are five reasons to avoid sexual promiscuity:

  1. Even today, sex often results in pregnancy. So there is the real risk that children will be born without the benefit of two, married parents.
  2. Monogamous, married sex is more likely to deliver long-lasting satisfaction than the quick thrill offered by infidelity. Studies show that monogamy produces the greatest satisfaction and pleasure.
  3. Sex is an emotionally bonding experience and women who have sex with multiple partners are significantly more likely to end up depressed, than women who do not.
  4. Sexually active singles or sexually unfaithful marrieds increase the risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Some STDs are passed through genital skin to skin contact, such as herpes, HPV, and cancroid.
  5. Open marriages put children at risk. According to a recent federal report on child abuse, children are more likely to be physically, emotionally, and especially sexually abused when they are exposed to a revolving door of romantic partners in the home.

Married couples, who remain faithful to one another, enjoy higher-quality marriages, lower rates of divorce, and higher levels of emotional satisfaction with their sex life.

Sexual fidelity also increases the odds that children, who are born and reared in a stable, two-parent home, statistically do better in school, avoid incarceration and even have higher lifetime earnings.

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