A Word from Our General Manager –

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI recently returned from a week of vacation, as my wife and I traveled to visit one of our daughters and her family.  In that one week, I was privileged to help baptize my 14-year-old granddaughter, celebrate my 16-year-old grandson’s birthday, and watch his older brother graduate from high school!  I could not help but be a bit proud of their accomplishments and the Christ-honoring legacy they represent.

Legacy can mean a gift willed to someone, such as money or personal property.  But it can also mean something passed on to someone for future use and blessing. It served its purpose or owner in the past and now is extended to serve a new owner or beneficiary, in the future. That is what I choose to think of our radio ministry.  For the past 18 years, KTLW’s music and ministries have served thousands, but now our legacy can serve a new owner to expand its use and blessing to new thousands—and even more.

As I said in a recent letter to our faithful donors, we are planning a very special final program to air at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 3rd, prior to our final sign off at 7 p.m.—18 years to the day since we started! We invite you to listen! After that, you can enjoy the Air1 format from the Educational Media Foundation, perhaps the premiere contemporary Christian music source in America!

Gary Curtis, General Manager
Worship On The Way Radio Network
My Gen Radio Network

About Along The Way with Gary Curtis

Gary Curtis served for 27 years, as part of the pastoral staff of The Church on The Way, the First Foursquare Church of Van Nuys, California. In October 2015, Gary retired from leadership of the church’s not-for-profit media outreach, Life On The Way Communications, Inc. He continues to blog at worshipontheway.wordpress.com. Gary and his wife, Alisa, live in southern California. They have two married daughters and five grandchildren.
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  1. sure going to miss all that excellent broadcasting, can’t tell you how important it is to have real biblical teaching available from all those great teachers to help light the way for people in the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas. My wife and I are truly saddened that 88.9 is no longer the same. we were supporters but we and others should have given more. thank you for all that you did do though, truly it was a blessing!

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