Planned Barrenhood

Planned Parenthood and sister organizations have brought our national birthrate down to an unsustainable 1.38 births per 1,000 population.*

In our largest metro area, New York City, the most dangerous place for a black baby is in the womb, with six in ten Afro-American pregnancies ending in abortion. Yet, Black children, who live and whose parents are married, thrive in comparison to their less favored fellow students.

But our president and his administration keep Planned Parenthood in business — with nearly one million tax-dollars a DAY going to their lethal efforts. Because of this “planned barrenhood,” birthrates are dangerously low, Social Security is dangerously unfunded and our nation is dangerously vulnerable to the unintended consequences of our ways.

But Christian families can reverse this trend by purposefully raising a “quiver full” of children as a legacy “unto the Lord.”

* (estimated)

About Along The Way with Gary Curtis

Gary Curtis served for 27 years, as part of the pastoral staff of The Church on The Way, the First Foursquare Church of Van Nuys, California. In October 2015, Gary retired from leadership of the church’s not-for-profit media outreach, Life On The Way Communications, Inc. He continues to blog at Gary and his wife, Alisa, live in southern California. They have two married daughters and five grandchildren.
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