The Heart of the Matter

heartI recently read one writer who described an attraction to pornography as “the predilection for peering at nudity online.”  This academic author may have described part of the problem, but he did not discern the dangers, detriments or damning consequences.

“Porn harms!” It promotes an addictive practice that exploits women, desensitizes users and destroys holy, sexual intimacy.  Jesus warned men that to lust after a woman is to commit adultery in their hearts (Matthew 5:28).  Today, women are trapped by this toxic practice, as much as men.

The Bible says man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7), that is our thinking, emotions and volitional actions. He is mindful of our temptations, thoughts, and entrapments.

If your browser history would be an embarrassment to show God, then you know this is a spiritual battle. Renounce it now! Repent of it and return to the Lord, with all your hearts (1 Samuel 7:3). That’s the real heart of the matter.

Stones, Knives and Automobiles

Jerusalem Clashes after Moataz Higazi was shotLast summer, the Hamas terrorists in Gaza attacked innocent Israeli citizens with over a month of constant missile bombardments and threats of attacks and kidnappings, via million-dollar, concrete-lined tunnels. Now the Islamic extremists have shifted tactics to more low-tech, but equally lethal, ways of terrorizing innocent civilians.

These cowardly terrorists are using stones, knives and automobiles to attack Jewish citizens!

These low-tech, bloody acts of violence in Israel’s major cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, by terrorists from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, have killed more Israelis in the last month than in the previous two years combined.

But America, Europe and the U.N. rarely condemn these deadly acts of “resistance,” nor the Palestinian leaders who incite them. Instead, western media actually condemns Israel’s efforts to protect their citizens.

Election Integrity Needed

american-symbolA few months ago an elderly family-friend, who lived with us, passed away. The mortician filed the required notification of death with the County Health Department, which later issued official copies of the County’s Death Certificate.

However, our recently deceased friend received an Absentee Ballot for the 2014 elections! We learned that there is no central state database and, reportedly, there is up to a two year wait in L.A. County on official death information being updated in the Registrar of Voters Office, despite the alarming possibility of voter impersonation or fraud.

California is the ONLY state without a centralized voter-registration database, as required by the 2002 federal HAVA law! Instead, inactive, deceased and duplicate registrants create the opportunities for voter impersonation—possibly nullifying YOUR vote and MINE.

California’s voters should expect that “every lawfully cast vote is accurately counted.” Learn more at: ​

Legal Voting ONLY!

votingDo non-citizens and illegal aliens vote in U.S. elections? Based off voter samples from Harvard’s Cooperative Congressional Election Study, the answer is YES!

The Harvard study found that in 2008, as many as 6.4% of all non-citizens cast ballots in the election. We have no idea how many fraudulent votes are actually cast, but the statistics suggest that this phenomenon happens often enough to make swinging an election not only possible, but plausible!

The Supreme Court has upheld the premise of Vote-ID, as constitutional. Yet, some claim it is racist to force people to prove their identity and eligibility before voting. Others see that the only reason to protect illegal voters is if you stand to gain from them casting ballots!

Our country is too precious to allow illegal votes to determine elections. Let’s work so every voter is well-informed and every ballot cast is legitimate!

ACTION: Learn more and support the Election Integrity Project.

Defend Dignity

WRAP-white-ribbonFrom the sexual abuse of children and teens to the exploitation of women, almost all forms of sexual indignities are connected to pornography. Porn harms individuals, families, marriages and our society. It stimulates private indignities and desensitizes our culture to all things that are rude, crude and lewd.

The National White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week starts on Sunday, October 26. It “brings together … local groups, along with sincerely concerned citizens in a massive effort to educate the public on the harms from pornography …”

Along with local events, advocates have arranged for free media events to be held all week long. From online presentations by survivors of sexual trafficking to ways you can “porn proof” your kids, these webinars and downloadable resources will help you defend dignity and make wise media choices.

Learn more at

Be Forever Vigilant!

admendmentThis week, in Houston, Texas, attorneys for the avowed lesbian Mayor Annise Parker have issued an unprecedented legal demand that several key pastors turn over sermons, emails, and text messages, even communications with members of their congregations, under the threat of fines, imprisonment or both. This is blatant retaliation against these pastors, who have sought a democratic ballot referendum on Parker’s controversial LGBT special rights ordinance.

Mayor Parker has irresponsibly breached the “wall of separation” between the state and the church. Thomas Jefferson, who first used that term to assure churches of their religious freedoms from government involvement, also wrote that “religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions.”

Such government scrutiny of the personal opinions and public preachments of pastors is unconstitutional and unconscionable. The City of Houston needs to retract their intimidating demands and issue a clear statement in support of religious freedom and the free speech of all people.

​Take Action
Send the Mayor of Houston a copy of the First Amendment to remind her that pastors enjoy the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech and the freedom to petition the government.

Register & VOTE!

go-voteEvery Christian should vote! It’s our civic responsibility and it honors God, who allows us to live in this great constitutional republic!

Every believer should be registered and then faithfully vote for candidates and issues which reflect their biblical values and worldviews. “Voters of Faith” will answer to God for our votes and our involvement in the electoral process and our nation’s future.

If you are not registered or are not sure if you are properly registered, you only have a few days left to tend to this important matter. You can even request an Absentee Ballot, allowing you to vote early, in many states. Click here to find out more and request your ballot today.

Join millions of Christians on Election Day, this November 4th, as we go to the polls and cast our ballots for the candidates and issues which best represent our values. Make your voice heard in election booths across the nation this Election Day! Your vote matters!


Important California Deadlines
Voter Registration Form:
Postmarked on or before October 20, 2014
Absentee Ballot Application:
Received on or before October 28, 2014 (by mail); no deadline in person
Voted Absentee Ballot:
Received by 8:00 pm PST on November 4, 2014
State Election Website: